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Settlement Permit (Permanent Residence)

If you have had a temporary residence permit for several years, you may be able to obtain a permanent residence title. The settlement permit or permanent residence is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Generally you have to hold a residence permit for five years and must independently ensure that they and their family members have the means of subsistence, have adequate knowledge of German (B1) and must not have criminal record.

Under certain circumstances, a settlement  permit may be issued with shorter time limits, for example for highly qualified immigrants, Blue Card Holders oder family members of German citizens and graduates from German universities or with German vocational degree.

Settlement Permit - general

Permanent Residence for Blue Card Holders

Blue Card holders may be granted a settlement permit under easier conditions.

Permanent Residence for Family Members of German Citizens

The children and spouses of German citizens may obtain a settlement permit for family-related reasons. This also applies to the guardians of under-age, unmarried German citizens.

Permanent Residence for Children older than 16 years

A settlement permit may be granted to children who have a residence permit for family-related reasons.

Permanent Residence for Self-Employed People

Permanent Residence for Graduates from German Universities or with German Vocational Degree

Graduates from German universities  (state or state-recognised universities or equivalent institutions) or Graduates with German vocational degree can obtain a settlement permit under easier conditions.

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