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Welcome to the news and event section of Welcome Center Stuttgart! Here you can read about upcoming events and current articles.

Many different events and dates are taking place in the state capital. (Symbol image)

Student Welcome Club

Located in the heart of Stuttgart, the Welcome Club is a great chance to meet students from Germany and all around the world.
Join our get-togethers and mingle, make friends, and discover what the beautiful city of Stuttgart has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you at 7pm on the dates specified below.

17.07.23 Language Night 16.10.23 Quiz Night
07.08.23 Quiz Night 06.11.23 Language Night
04.09.23 Language Night 04.12.23 Culture Night


¿Estás con la idea de emigrar profesionalmente a Baden-Württemberg? Los Welcome Center te informarán sobre las posibilidades que tienes aquí como profesional, para que tu proceso de llegada sea más fácil. Además te explicaremos que ofertas de estudio del idioma alemán existen. 

Temas: 1. Planificar tu llegada a Baden-Wuerttemberg y aprender alemán (05.04.2023), 2. Tipos de visados (03.05.2023), 3. Voluntariados sociales y trabajar en profesiones de sanidad (21.06.2023), 4. Homologación de títulos profesionales (12.07.2023), 5. Estudio dual y universitario (20.09.2023), 6. Como buscar empleo y redactar tu currículum (18.10.2023).

Enlace:  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/92745157070?pwd=cld4UlRHUnlvRU1xMWZIRXVKL1d5UT09 (opens in a new tab)

Más información:
Contacto:  S.villaverde-santosheilbronn-frankencom;  Liliana.Koeslercjdde;  monika.stahltechnologieregion-karlsruhede;  verena.andreiregion-stuttgartde

Successful Application and Working in the Stuttgart Region Wednesday, 27.09.2023, 18-20 Uhr / 6-8 pm

The online-event will give you a better idea of employment prospects in Germany, and how the application process works. What makes a candidate successful? How to read German job offers, and what are job interviews like in Germany? Following topics will be covered: job search, application documents, contact with companies, as well as the assistance which can be provided by the academic team of the local national employment agency i.e. “Agentur für Arbeit” and the Welcome Service Team. The event is free of charge and will be conducted in English. 


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