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Integration policy

Stuttgart attaches great importance to the co-existence of its international population. The integration policy is therefore a top-level issue here and assigned to the Deputy Mayor's Department of Integration and Social Affairs.

Integration and peaceful coexistence go hand in hand. The city of Stuttgart attaches great importance to this. (Symbol image)

Stuttgart Pact for Integration

Stuttgart City Council adopted the " Stuttgart Pact for Integration (opens in a new tab)" back in 2001. This strategy document describes how to improve the equal opportunities and social participation of migrants and stipulates the most important areas in the integration policy.

The integration officers develop and govern the integration measures, initiate projects and coordinate networks. They work closely with the municipal offices, authorities, independent organisations and migrant associations.

 The Integration Department (opens in a new tab) also organised the establishment of the Welcome Centre run by State Capital Stuttgart and provides professional support.

Want to become a Welcome Buddy?

Welcome Buddies were created in February 2015 and provide newcomers and their families with support on a practical and emotional level: Welcome Buddies accompany them to any official authority appointments, inspect letters and documents, practise the German language, help with finding a job and the application process and are present during the first stages of settling into life in Stuttgart. The content, duration and location of the support provided are decided by the newcomers and their Welcome Buddies together.

The advisors at the Stuttgart Welcome Center identify the requirements of the newcomers based on individual support. The Welcome Buddies are acquired from the City of Stuttgart Integration Policy Department and then prepared and supported in their tasks with seminars and reflection meetings.

If you are interested, you are welcome to get involved. Anyone willing to support newcomers during the first stages of settling into life in Stuttgart and the surrounding area is suitable.

For information and registration please contact:  lisa.hauffstuttgartde

Referat Soziales und gesellschaftliche Integration

Abteilung Integrationspolitik

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